The Kidpreneur Project organized by STEAM

The Kidpreneur Project organized by STEAM Learning Lab at Outdoor School Bangkok was a huge success! On 11th February, the stall at Kvillage was filled with the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies, smoothies, lemonade and herbal soap as students gathered to raise funds for a local charity.

Our students were the stars of the show. They were responsible for choosing the products, setting the prices, decorating the stall and selling all by themselves. The Kidpreneur project was an incredible learning experience for them as they gained valuable skills in communication, calculation and selling.

The students showed a lot of creativity in decorating the stall, making it look attractive and inviting to customers. They also worked together to set prices for their goods and calculate the total sales. Their effort was evident in the delicious treats and their enthusiasm when interacting with customers.

The event was well-attended by parents, students, and community members. Everyone was impressed by the delicious treats and the students’ hard work. The stall was constantly busy with customers, and the students enjoyed interacting with them and sharing their goods.

Overall, the bake sale was a great success. It brought together students, parents, and community members to raise funds for a great cause, and it was a valuable learning experience for the students. We Thank you Kvillage for your support, and we look forward to organizing more events like this in the future, and we hope to see you all there!

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